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You could reduce tour costs by 40% by answering these questions before you buy.

1) What is my monthly print volume?   (If it`s high, running cost is more important than the price of the device) We can help you choose a device with inexpensive high quality consumables.

2) Do I need 11 x 17 paper?    (Only 4% of all printing in North America is 11 x 17) Lexmark, HP, Xerox, and most manufacturers have a line of MFP`s which are 40% less in price and have all the features of full sized MFPs. They are strong and reliable and packed with features. The only significant difference is that they do not print 11 x 17.

3) Do I need colour?  Have you heard of Xerox's solid ink printers? Beautifull glossy colour on any paper!

4) Do I need or want a brand new device?    Peach I.T. Service has a full line of new Lexmark, HP, Brother, Xerox, and other manufacturers. We also carry a vast array of high quality previousely enjoyed printers, copiers, faxes, and scanners at reduced prices.

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